1. Tom Landry

    Optical Store Management
    The secret to winning is constant, consistent management.
  2. Henry Mintzberg

    Optical Store Management
    "Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet"
  3. Optical Store Management
    Your management grows with our experience.

Hospitals and Doctors who wants to develop a new optical store within their premises can do so with no initial investment. We will perform a feasibility analysis, then design, build, stock, staff and manage your new store with no out-of-pocket costs. Once up and running, you earn a profit right from day one, while avoiding the burden of day-to-day management.

Our Optical Store Management Program includes:-


    Neetrya will conduct a feasibility study based on space availability, number of prescriptions written, demographics, and the dynamics of the practice. This information will allow us to provide you with a written proposal based upon our findings.
  • Optical design

    We will assist in the planning and the designing of an exciting facility that compliments your practice and result is a quality interior that maximizes your profits and defines your image as a leader in total eye care.
  • Inventory

    Neetrya will conduct an analysis of your area in order to have a better understanding of competitive price structures and consumer preferences so as to provide new inventory targeted to your specific patient demographics. Frame inventory will be furnished and managed by Neetrya.
  • Lab facility

    Neetrya benefits by sharing their facilities with Prime Lens of India, the largest exporter of lens in India. The labs recent expansion and upgrade to a state of the art facility has the capability of providing your patients with quality eyewear, latest in lens technology and prompt turnaround time.
  • Turn around time

    NEETRYA has a state of the art facility which can process 70%* of the orders within 30 minutes, for balance 30% the Point of sale software communicates directly with our centrally located lens laboratory in real time, which expedites the lens processing.
  • Staff training

    All our staff will work side by side with the optician to insure they understand the procedures, computer software and all aspects of the dispensary to provide the utmost in patient care. After the initial training has been completed, performance standards will be established for each individual. The managers will routinely be on-site in order to maintain the established guidelines.
  • Marketing

    Neetrya will present for your approval innovative marketing strategies designed to increase your patient base with organized promotional campaigns. They will include but not be limited to: patient information/education brochures, corporate and professional courtesy programs and new product launches.
  • Pos software

    Neetrya provides a comprehensive point of sale system including hardware and software. This software maintains details of sales, stock, pending orders, executed orders, complete database of customers. Our POS acts as a regular mode of communication between patients and hospitals at no additional cost.

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